All About Celi(Me)ne

Love Triangles


Bella, dating two guys at the same time? Been there, done that. I feel bad for Bella for having to choose one of these guys. It must have been a very hard decision to make. Bella had it easy though. Edward and Jacob did not make her "Choose, If [she] pleased, between [them] and [they] shall stay or go accordingly". They stayed with her either way.

The two guys that I flirted with made me choose in front of both of them! How could I choose one guy between two and hurt the other’s feelings? I didn’t know who to choose so I asked my cousin Eliante, “Which one I love the more, and which the less”, but she refused to make my decision. So they both left me :( Love triangles are hard to get out of.

Even though, "Your prudery and bustling zeal appeared to have a very slight appeal, Your affectation of a grave demeanor, your endless talk of virtue an honor” might make some men not like you, I’m sure you will find someone. And by someone I mean a man that ISN’T ALREADY in a relationship with another woman. Of course he also has to treat you right and make you happy. Only that way your relationship can truly be like Edward and Bella’s relationship.


Why cant this be me?! I want a man that cares and goes out of his way for me. Why am I trying so hard for this when you just automatically get it! You doesn’t understand how lucky you are. Yet,“Your behavior, madam, is misleading, that it makes a bad impression, giving rise to ugly gossip and obscene surmise, and that if you were more overly good you wouldn’t be so misunderstood.” It just isn’t fair. Your attitude is fake and your virtue is being hurt. “I wish I knew what moves you to provoke me as you do.”You get everything you want. The choice is up to you. #lovesucks

I already promised 2 other guys that i’ll be their valentine, but they don’t have cars so I’ll cancel. By the way, I want to see that movie so badly! We should go together. Just don’t tell you know who… or I’ll be in big trouble.


Valentines is right around the corner and I know exactly who I want to be my valentines. I’m pretty sure you guys know already. But I am going to say it anyways… Celimene! Oh yes, if your reading this love, I want you to check out this trailer for the movie “The Vow.” This Channing Tatum guy reminds me a lot of myself, his fighting for his one true love who’s in love with another guy. Alceste, cough cough. But anyways. CELIMENE will you be my valentines? I’ll pick you up, take you to dinner, buy you chocolates, and take you home. Something a REAL guy would do. Alceste doesn’t even own a car, just saying.. REBLOG this if it’s a yes. #FingersCrossed

I’m pretty sure this song was written about me. Single Ladies by Beyonce is also my favorite song now. It is so catchy! Seriously though, this song is about a lady who is single and recently broke up with a man that doesn’t want to marry her. Sounds familiar huh? Not long ago, I asked a man who I thought I was going to love forever to marry me. Unfortunately, he replied: "No, I detest you now…Go! I reject your hand, and disenthrall my heart from your enchantments, once for all"(Molière Act V, 337-341). Yeah pretty harsh!

Just got a tumblr.!!


Hi Im Celimene! Thats a picture of me^ in my friend Arsinoe’s house. She worries about my virtue too much. Stop telling me about my "light behavior and [my] dashing ways,[also] the quantity of gentlemen [I] see" ! I know you say it because you worry about my reputation but you should fix your own faults first. Love you best friend :)